Puppy Application

Please copy & paste the following questions into an email and answer them to the best of your ability.

~Kinderwood Labradors Puppy Questionaire~

It's very important to us that our puppies are placed in the most loving homes and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our questions may seem intense or excessive, but we find that they really help us with successful placements. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

Please provide us with your contact information- including the place where the puppy will be living:



Telephone Number(s)

Email Address

When is the most convenient time to contact you?

Please describe your lifestyle and any hobbies you have:

Do you have children?  If so, what are their ages?

Do you have any other pets?  If so, are they spayed/neutered and vetted on a regular basis?  Please also provide a veterinary referrence (including address and phone number).  If you do not currently have a regular vet, where do you plan to have your puppy vetted?

Have you ever owned a dog before?  Is yes, what breed (if known) and gender?  Where did you get your previous dog?  Do you still have your dog?  If not, what happened to your previous dog?

How did you learn about Kinderwood Labradors?

How did you decide a Labrador Retriever was the most appropriate pet for your family?  Are you familiar with the breed's characteristics?  Have you ever owned a Labrador Retriever?  If so, what style and for what purpose?

What kind of a timeframe are you looking to acquire your puppy in?  Are you willing to wait for the most appropriate puppy for your family?

Are you certain you are able to afford, not only the purchase price, but the puppy's ongoing care for possibly the next 10-15 years?

Do all the members of your household agree to the purchase of your puppy?  If not, what are the member(s)'s specific concerns?

Does anyone in your family have any allergies to animals? If so, how do you plan to manage them?

What is your property (where the puppy will live) like?  Is it located in the city or country?  Is it fenced?  If it's not fenced, how do you plan to contain your puppy?

What is your average weekday like? What are your occupations? Do you work outside your home? If so, who will be caring for the puppy when you are away?

Where will the puppy be staying during the day? The night? Will you be keeping the puppy indoors as a member of your family?

Are you planning to crate train your puppy?

What activities (Companion/Pet, Conformation/Show, Field/Hunting, Obedience, etc.) do you plan to do with your Labrador?If you plan to use your puppy for Conformation/Showing, do have any previous experience?  Please describe any previous showing and/or performance experiences, along with any titles/certifications you have achieved, here:

Are you familiar with the differences between AKC Full (can be used for breeding) and Limited Registrations (can NOT be used for breeding)?

Do you have any sex, color, or characteristic (i.e. outgoing, high drive, mellow, blocky head, athletic, etc) preferances?  Are you willing to let us pick a puppy for you that may not have some of these traits but may suit your family better?

Are you interested in a particular breeding, litter, or dog?  If so, which one(s)?

Do you understand that, even though we thoroughly research and tediously plan each breeding as well as engage in health testing, there are no 100% guarantees that your puppy will be completely free of genetic defects?

How do you plan to take delivery of your puppy?  We are happy to consider families who live outside the area.  However, we do not ship puppies and all approved homes must be able to arrange pick up of their puppy in person.

If for any reason, at any time during the life of your puppy, you are no longer able to keep him/her, are you willing to return him/her to us?

It's very important to us to hear about our puppies' social & physical development, and we love to see pictures and recieve updates. Are you willing to provide us with updates at regular intervals?

Do you have any questions for us?

Thank you for your interest in a Kinderwood Labradors puppy!

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